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Online Devotionals

Church, and our learning about God, shouldn't end when we leave the church on Sunday or Wednesday.  In the spirit of this desire to be continually learning about Christ, we offer multiple online devotionals as listed below.  Please feel free to browse as many as you wish. 

1st Samuel

1st Samuel covers the period in the Bible that sees the end of the Judges of Israel and the beginning of the Kings of Israel.  This series covers the lives of the last Judge Samuel, the first King of Israel Saul, and his eventual successor, and the ancestor of Jesus, David.  This is a fascinating book covering a milestone period for the nation of Israel, and we hope you enjoy our weekly insights about this book in this series.

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The Book of Acts

From April to November 2020 we did an in-depth, chapter-by-chapter review of the Book of Acts, a critical book of the New Testament.  In this study we walk through a number of topics that we see arise during the beginnings of the church, which started with only a handful of followers to become what it is today.  Please join us on our walk through this early period, because while they may have been living two thousand years ago the stories are still relevant today. You can replay the livestream of each session below. 

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