Rooted is the student ministry at Winfield Nazarene. We exist to serve minister specifically to those between 6th - 12th grade in our church and community, and their families. We have several different programs aimed specifically at the spiritual and developmental needs of junior high, high school, and young adult ages. We are constantly in the process of evaluating our existing programs and developing new programs to better meet the needs of our youth and their families.


We do our best to provide a variety of programs designed to help teens grow closer to Christ and learn how to live as a Christian today. We have programs that are designed for any teen to come and have fun and programs that are directed more toward those teens who desire to grow in their relationship with Christ. We have a group of adult leaders who are committed to our youth ministry and to the teens in our group. Our youth volunteers are committed to building relationships and sharing life with our teens. Our belief is that Christ is best made known through relationships, so we focus on building good relationships with teens and teaching about Christ that way.


Sunday School - Sundays @ 9:45am

We offer a teen group during our regular Sunday School time each week. 


Teen Bible Quizzing Practice - Sundays @ 4:00 (times may vary)

Teen Bible Quizzing is a unique ministry that combines a study of the Bible, competition,

fellowship and disciple-making into one program that is attractive to teenagers. 


Endorsed and governed by Nazarene Youth International, teen quizzing aims to become:

  1. An avenue of meaningful Bible Study for youth to attain a deep and intimate knowledge of Scripture
  2. A means of increasing fellowship and interaction among youth around the world
  3. An integral part of the outreach and discipleship aspects of local church youth ministry
  4. A medium for the training and mentoring of youth leadership
  5. A catalyst for encouraging active participation in ministry and mission projects
  6. A bridge for building relationships between youth from different backgrounds
  7. An arena for exciting Christian competition.